Lifelong Learning Offerings

Core Questions About Judaism: A Series

  • “Do You Have to Believe in God to be Jewish?”

  • “What Happens After We Die?”

  • “What Can (Should) We Say About Israel?”

  • “Is There Personal Prayer in Judaism and Where Can I Do It?”

  • “If We Are the Chosen People, What are We Chosen For?”

The Biblical Kings – Biblical Stories of Saul, David, and Solomon

Hanukkah: The "Historical" Story and Today's Hanukkah

​Psalms of Trust, Psalms of Hope, Psalms of Fear

Women in TaNaCh: Reclaiming Narrative

Pirke Avot – An exploration of the Sayings of our Ancestors

The Torah Says What?! – Exploration of several episodes where the Torah has surprising stories for modern readers

Come My Beloved: An In-Depth Exploration of L'cha Dodi

Four Events that Changed Israel from the Inside

Spells, Magic Tricks, Talking to the Dead:  the Supernatural in the Bible

The Rise of King David

Maimonides’s Lasting Impact

God’s Many Names

Four Ways of Human Learning (based on the Seder's four children)

Falling in Love with Jewish Prayer

Preparing Your Heart for the High Holy Days

Introducing Your Transformative High Holy Day Machzor (Mishkan HaNefesh)

Psalm 23: God is my Shepherd: Unlocking the Power of One of Our Most Powerful Psalms

Haggadot and History:  Telling the Pesach Story Through Haggadot Through Time

Women as Saviors of the Exodus

Tamar and Other Tricksters

As the Torah Turns:  Love and Love Triangles in the Naming of Jacob’s Children

So You Think You Know Pesach (a four-week course)

Passover: Escaping the Narrow Places

Bible Stories through the Art of Marc Chagall


Adult Bat Mitzvah – Developed an adult learning program that exposed participants to a broad spectrum of Jewish rite and ritual, history, theology and Torah study. This first adult bat mitzvah featured four women, all in their late 60s/early 70s who recovered part of their Jewish inheritance


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