On Welcoming

During the past several months, C and I have occasionally attended services at Israel Congregation.  During one of our conversations with you, we euphemistically referred to ourselves as “wandering Jews.”  We’ve decided not to wander any more.  Our decision is a reflection of the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the members of the congregation and you, and the kindnesses you’ve extended to our dear friends.   C + I M


I am at a loss for words to describe Friday evening!  How do I convey my thanks and appreciation for all of your thoughtful, kind and "mostly true” remarks about my journey to Manchester, my involvement in bringing cable TV and my commitment to keeping the synagogue alive.  Your remarks were both serious and lighthearted and set the tone for the wonderful dinner that followed.  J and M


Rabbi, thank you for your warm outreach and fabulous service.  We are joining your congregation because of you.  Love, S + R


How can I possibly express my appreciation and gratitude to you and the Israel Congregation members we met for your warm welcome and willingness to assist me at this time of mourning. You have a beautiful congregation, great ruach, and a very special spirituality.  And yasher koach on all your efforts.  I suspect you will succeed in making Israel Congregation of Manchester the friendliest shul in the country!  RY

I want to thank you for the warm and welcoming greeting you gave L and me when we attended Friday night services two weeks ago.  It was a wonderful experience, and it solidified our desire to purchase a second home in the Manchester area.  We both believe that belonging to a Temple and being part of a strong Jewish community is very important.  Your statement that the Temple is made up of ‘just Jews’ struck a chord with me.  For many years I have been struggling with my level of Judaism, as I was brought up Orthodox, still go to an Orthodox synagogue, as most of my observances lean to the conservative philosophy, but find that a reform synagogue is very spiritual.   I recently made a series of Mezuzot, to hang in my house.  They are made of different types of wood pieced together.  When I looked [at] one of them this week I noticed something different.  It was made up of Walnut, Purple Heart, and Cherry, each very different in characteristics but when put together they are just wood.  Sort of like Jews.  My brief meeting with you moved me a little closer to resolving my own religious issues, and I would like to thank you for that.    MF

. . .the friendliness of your congregation, the way the services are performed has impressed us and made it fun to attend.  That is a huge compliment. . .last but not least is the way David handles himself before, during, and after the services would earn him a score of 10 among his peers.  You are so fortunate to have him.  He seems to enjoy what he does and that just adds to the results. M + S  R

I want you to know my wife J and I think your services and dialogues are just beautiful.  This high holy day in particular was exceptional.  Thank you.  R


We recognized the excellent task you have already accomplished, so many families, some traveling great distance to worship with you.  SP


Thank you for welcoming us so warmly to Israel Congregation of Manchester. We thoroughly enjoyed the Erev Shabbat service/social/dinner. Studying the parshah with you on Shabbat was a treat. A + R Z

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